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8/1/2013 - First of all, I apologize for the lack of updates. I haven't forgotten Luminous Nightfall, but I admit I haven't had much motivation for it lately. I will continue as I can, though. Until then, however, this fic is on temporary hiatus.

My stories update very, very slowly. I'm sorry about that. I often find difficulty writing out what I see in my mind, but it usually comes eventually. I'm also kept very busy as a beta and artist. You can see my work on the links below.

Feel free to join my Facebook group! I gave occasional updates on what I'm doing there; it's also a place to get story recs from other authors.

So, what's up with the weird pen name? Well, I primarily enjoy reading Twilight fan fiction, and it's also what I'm writing. I'm also Team Edward and I thought this as a pen name would be a unique way of saying that. In the Twilight Saga, Edward is referred to as Bella's moon, while Jacob is "the sun." The name Chandrakanta is Indian and means "loved by the moon" or "beloved of the moon," so I thought it was fitting.

Yes, I'm team Edward. Why? Well, unlike some people, I'm about the CHARACTERS, not the actors. You may or may not like the actors in the movies, but in my opinion that shouldn't have any influence on what you think about the character. It's not about looks or acting ability, people!

I like Edward because he's a genuinely good person, even if he doesn't think he is. Yes, he has his flaws, but he tries to improve himself when those flaws are pointed out. Yes, he made mistakes, and some big ones, but who doesn't? And, many of his mistakes were made with the best intentions (i.e. New Moon).

Jacob, on the other hand, has the makings to become a very bad person. You can explain some of his behavior as being an immature teenager, and also an unstable, volatile shapeshifter, but he never tries to improve himself, even when his bad behavior is brought to light. He does show some good qualities and could become a better person with time, maturity and discipline, or his bad qualities (temper, possessiveness, belittling/abusive behavior, etc.) could take over and he could've become even worse without the imprinting that miraculously saved the day.

In Twilight fan fiction, I usually prefer canon pairings, primarily Edward & Bella, though I will occasionally read other pairings, and even some slash. My favorite non-canon pairing is Carlisle and Bella.

I generally don't care for stories that have the following content: cheating/adultery, PWP, excessive fluff, and/or excessive angst. I'm also on the fence with most BDSM fics. While I like many non-BDSM D/s stories, I've only read a couple actual BDSM stories that I can say I actually like and would read again (and they're not the really popular ones).

I only read/write HEA stories.

Beta-reader: Yes
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After Edward left and Laurent attacked Bella changed into a shape-shifter. The effects are far reaching. Ninety years after Edward left they return to Forks and so does she.


But before all that are the stories her and the pack share.


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