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Nov 9, 2014

Thunderclap - Breeder by K.B. Hoyle

“The world is full of monsters. Are you one of them?” 
#BREEDER by K. B. Hoyle. The #dystopia awaits.
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Sep 24, 2014

Immortal at the Edge of the World

Immortal at the Edge of the World
Book 3 of the Immortal Series
by Gene Doucette
Release Date: October 2 , 2014

Genre: FICTION/Fantasy/General & Fantasy/Contemporary
ISBN e-book:   978-1-61213-276-1
Available from: Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and TWCS PH

“What I was currently doing with my time and money . . . didn’t really deserve anyone else’s attention. If I was feeling romantic about it, I’d call it a quest, but all I was really doing was trying to answer a question I’d been ignoring for a thousand years.”
In his very long life, Adam had encountered only one person who seemed to share his longevity: the mysterious red-haired woman. She appeared throughout history, usually from a distance, nearly always vanishing before he could speak to her. In his last encounter, she actually did vanish—into thin air, right in front of him. The question was how did she do it? To answer, Adam will have to complete a quest he gave up on a thousand years earlier, for an object that may no longer exist. If he can find it, he might be able to do what the red-haired woman did, and if he can do that, maybe he can find her again and ask her who she is . . . and why she seems to hate him. “You are being watched. Move your loved ones to safety . . . trust nobody.” But Adam isn’t the only one who wants the red-haired woman. There are other forces at work, and after a warning from one of the few men he trusts, Adam realizes how much danger everyone is in. To save his friends and finish his quest he may be forced to bankrupt himself, call in every favor he can, and ultimately trade the one thing he’d never been able to give up before: his life. From the author of Immortal and Hellenic Immortal comes Immortal at the Edge of the World, the breathtaking conclusion to the best-selling trilogy. Will Adam survive?

Praise for Immortal at the Edge of the World
"Brilliant end to the trilogy, with much twistiness involved in tying up all the plotlines. Lots of humour and typical Adam-ness - but no spoilers from me. You'll just have to read it for yourself. I think this might be my favourite of the series.+  - Andrea Goodreads Review

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Sep 16, 2014

The Bone Whistle by K.B. Hoyle - Review

 The Bone Whistle
by K.B. Hoyle
Release Date: September 18 , 2014
Genre: JUVENILE FICTION/Fantasy/Magic & Family/General
ISBN e-book:   978-1-61213-279-2
Available from: Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and TWCS PH

Darcy burned with the pain of knowing she’d failed. What happened when a prophecy didn’t come true? It must not have been much of a prophecy in the first place. And if they couldn’t trust in that, then they couldn’t trust in anything at all.
Five years ago, Darcy first received the prophecy of the Six, which stated she and her friends would save the land of Alitheia from a shadowy foe. For five years, she hasn’t known what the end will look like, but she certainly didn’t expect this. Thrust back into Alitheia through unexpected means, Darcy winds up alone, scared, and without her recent memory. As she struggles to regain her lost memories and reunite with the ones she loves, she pieces together the prophecies and the oracles to find they all converge into one story¾a story that tells her just how much she’ll have to give to save both worlds, and everyone she loves. Pursued through Alitheia by forces desperate to kill them, Darcy and her friends take a journey fraught with danger that will lead them, inevitably, to the final confrontation with the Shadow. Armed with newfound knowledge of how the prophecy of the Six will play out, Darcy and the others must have faith in the face of mounting odds and adversity. Ultimately, the greatest courage of all belongs not to those who give something of themselves, but to those who let go of what they could never control. Filled with stunning losses, heart-wrenching reunions, unexpected twists, and the power of love and sacrifice, the conclusion to The Gateway Chronicleswill leave you breathless and begging for more from author K. B. Hoyle.

Praise for The Bone Whistle

In the final book of the Gateway Chronicles, Darcy finds herself living in Tennessee in her Aunt’s house.  Her parents are refusing to let her go back to camp in Cedar Cove.  She knows she has to find a way there, but she doesn’t want to leave things unsettled with her family.  She knows she won’t be coming back.   The prophesy reveals that she has to die in order to stop Tselloch.  When she makes her way through the gateway, she doesn’t remember how she got there.  She enters onto a battle field covered with blood.  She is disoriented and the gnomes have to direct her to safety.  It is a bittersweet return and she needs to find her friends, hoping they made it through all right.

Her escape is perilous and she is bitten while being rescued.  The madness sets in and takes a hold lasting weeks.  Tselloch’s forces are converging, building the gate to her world and readying themselves for his transfer.

It takes all of Darcy’s wits and strength to continue on her journey to stop him.  With the help of her friends, the fight of their lives is on.

I am sad to see this series end.  I have enjoyed reading about the six and their adventures.  Watching them grow from the beginning to the end is what I truly like as a reader.

However there were parts of the story that were difficult to read.  Darcy had to say good bye to good friends along the way.  Darcy was devastated to lose those people around her on top of the fact she was going to die herself.  You could feel the pain she and the other characters felt.  It brought tears to my eyes.  It is an excellent series and an action packed way to end it.  I give it a 4 out of 5.


Toots Book Reviews

Jun 19, 2014

The Hot Corner by Amy Noelle- Blog Tour


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Professionally, Danielle Pierce is making a name for herself writing biographies of famous athletes. Her personal life isn’t going as swimmingly, and she’s back on the market after calling off a recent engagement.

Her agent throws her a curveball she never saw coming when she’s assigned to cover the hottest baseball player—on and off the field—Bradley Reynolds. The Dodgers’ third baseman spends as much time on the covers of tabloids as on the sports pages, dating a string of famous models and actresses.

Dani never thought she’d have to see Brad in person again after he broke her heart in college. Seven years later he selects her to write the story of his life, and she’s stuck. If she refuses, she looks like a coward. If she gives in, he wins. She doesn’t know what his game is, but she hopes she’s strong enough this time to play without getting burned.
Jun 19, 2014

Cover Reveal: As Darkness Gathers by Emma Elliot

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A Cover Reveal

As Darkness Gathers
by Emma Elliot
Release Date: September 9, 2014
When their plane goes down in the Canadian wilderness, Finch Rhodes’ and Clay Gandy’s lives become entwined. Together they face the unforgiving elements of unfamiliar terrain in winter, wild animals, raging rivers, and their own growing weakness from hunger, shock, and exposure. With their lives at stake as well as the lives of those depending on them to find help, Finch and Clay are forced to rely on one another, and they forge a bond that lasts even after they are rescued. Finch’s struggles to adjust to normal life upon returning home are hindered by her broken engagement, her friend’s disapproval of her friendship with Clay, her parents’ marital issues, and her brother’s uncharacteristic belligerence and suspicious request. And by the seemingly harmless mishaps that soon escalate into brutal attacks. After she is injured, Finch once again comes to rely on Clay. But as the connection between them deepens, the threat against her grows. With her life in jeopardy and danger blurring the lines between friend and foe, Finch must decide if those she loves are the ones she can trust, or if the greatest peril lurks closer to home than she could have ever imagined.
  “Ladies and gentlemen,” I said, “the captain has advised me we’ll be making a precautionary landing.” The elderly woman started sobbing. The front of the plane yawed back and forth, the movement sharp, bouncing, and disorienting. When I glanced out the window, we were just breaking through the cloud cover, and the forested ground was rushing closer. I pointed out the exits and the escape path lighting, and then explained the brace position of crossing their arms, placing them on the seatback in front of them, and resting their foreheads on their wrists. “I’ll help you if you need me to,” said the man in 1A. I swallowed and felt the hot press of tears. “If I’m unable to, make sure it’s safe to open the door, and then get everyone out and away.” “I’ll do it. And I won’t leave you behind.” The plane groaned, the yawing becoming violent. We swayed back and forth so forcefully that I had to hold on to my shoulder harness to avoid being pitched sideways. The father and son yelled apologies and I love yous at one another. The elderly woman continued weeping. A businessman recited a Hail Mary. My lips trembled and I pressed them tightly together. “What’s your name?” I asked 1A. With a rumble, the landing gear extended. His eyes were blue, I realized. “Clay. Clay Gandy.” Clay in 1A. I almost laughed at the rhyme, but then the captain shouted, “Brace, brace, brace!” I repeated the command over and over until my voice was hoarse. I wanted to close my eyes but found I couldn’t. The plane jarred with the sound of snapping, the movement so wrenching it felt as if someone were trying to yank my bones from within my skin. We whipped to one side so quickly my neck cracked and my vision swam. Dark shadows rushed by the windows, and the splintering sound escalated. We hit the ground with such force the oxygen masks fell from the panels above the seats and the overhead bins burst open and spilled luggage into the aisle. Both passengers and metal screamed. There was a horrific grinding as the plane shuddered and bucked. Then the world exploded.
DSCN3850_2 Emma Elliot first developed a love of suspense when she was six years old. She was hiding from her cousins and sister in a closet in her grandmother's house when she discovered a passageway, though not so secret, linking to another closet. She stumbled upon a stack of worn Bobbsey Twins mysteries in that seeming labyrinth, and she spent much of her childhood there, by choice, reading mystery novels by flashlight. Her love of reading and writing grew simultaneously. Soon she was creating her own variations of the stories she read and penning her own tales. Through bouts of working as a tutor, an editor, an apple- and peach-picker, a waitress, a dog walker, a nanny, a retail associate, and a reservationist at a ski resort, writing has remained her passion. She currently lives on the eastern seaboard and considers herself a wandering homebody. She travels often for work, which provides fodder for the imagination and plentiful hours to write her next novel while sitting in airports.